A Resolution

January 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Beyond my other resolutions this year, Travis and I have decided to adhere to a strict budget. As always, spending got a little out of hand over the holiday season so we’re trying to jump-start this year a little bit more…frugally. It’s not like we’re strapped for cash, but when we revisit the credit card statement we notice alarming trends like: an inordinate amount of money spent going out to eat, little trips to Target here or there that add up, or an occasional shopping trip by yours truly. ((guilty)) So on January 1 we sat down, Travis with his faithful Excel Spreadsheet in hand, and laid it all out on the line.

The result? Lots of time at home, pre-meditated spending, and a couple of tiffs between Travis and myself. Just 3 days in. But this is a good thing. Travis and I are getting loads of quality time, we’re appreciating things more, all while being smart about money.

Take last night. We decided that Saturday night would be our night to eat out this week. We trekked out around 6:30, feeling freed after spending the day in the house, and enjoyed a lovely meal. We each only ordered one cocktail (a mighty leap for me) and left spending approximately $44. When you’re thinking on a budget, it’s so easy to see how quickly meals out add up. And I found myself appreciating that meal so much more. After dinner, we opted to buy Scrabble at Target. While $15 might seem pricey on a budget, Travis and I felt like it would give us hours of entertainment and was worth the investment. And we knew that going to a bar or a movie would probably cost us more anyhow. Thus, our night ended in a competitive match. Travis came out victorious (rats).

So we’re on to day 4 of Budget 2010 and things aren’t so bad. I foresee lots of time in the house this year, plenty of Scrabble, and countless hours staring at Olive. But I know this will teach me important lessons, accountability and gratitude.

So cheers to you, Budget 2010!


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  • Katherine says:

    Love this Lauren! I too am resolved to follow a budget this year. It’s going to be tough, but the payout will be tenfold I think. Cheers!

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