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July 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Travis moved into our future home in March of this year and I have been going nuts with our blank walls, icky colored paint, and futon. (YES, futon). We’re slowly but surely making progress and bit by bit this house is becoming a home. Thus, I have been obsessing over decorating ideas and inspiration. So I’ve pulled together some snazzy things I like for wall decor. Just a sample, as I peruse the world wide web I’m sure I’ll bring you more!

Ork Posters

Ork Posters

First stop, Ork Posters. I bought the poster above for Travis’s birthday this year to commemorate the year that he spent living in La La Land. These posters ROCK. They bring large cities across the US to life in such a unique way. A sampling of cities include: Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland, and many more. They’re quite large and make a wonderful focal point for any wall. The typography is fantastic, colors are diverse, and the best part is that Ork Posters are affordable! woo hoo!

Anna Routh

Anna Routh

This is a not-so-shameless plug as Anna is one of my dearest friends in Fort Worth and I just have to tell the whole world about her creativity! She’s a photographer and a painter – and get this – is really talented at BOTH. I featured the painting that Anna did of Olive in a Daily Olive post, which you can see here. I love the unique colors that Anna uses and she can paint your pup (or cat, or fish, or hamster I suppose, too) on a variety of canvas sizes. If you are a pet lover or know someone who is, this is the BEST way to immortalize your little one. And have a fab new piece of artwork!

One Up Wall Graphics

One Up Wall Art

Now, these are just fun. One Up Wall Graphics have a variety of removable (but not re-adheasible -drat!) decals that are made just for your wall. From fish to branches, apes to century mod designs, these can really draw the eye to a focal point in a room. Each design comes in a variety of colors so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul

Oh, Thomas Paul, how I love thee. I’m actually using a Thomas Paul print for the table overlays at my wedding. He has amazing prints, art, rugs, pillows, lamps, everything! And if you love bird imagery like I do, then you’ll love Thomas. He’s got gobs of inspiring things. Although some of his items are a little bit more pricey, they’re worth the splurge. Because if you love LOVE it, it’s worth it!

This Young House

this young house

Yes, dogs again. I love these pet silhouttes by the too-cute couple of This Young House. There are a variety of breeds and colors you can choose from so you can get the perfect little print to match your home. And best yet, they’re only $20 a pop! Love it!



To me, Hammerpress can do no wrong. From their invites to their posters and anywhere in between I am so inspired by the in-your-face color, design, and typography they use in their letterpress creations. And if you’re a music fan, they have some fun music posters for artists like Beck and My Morning Jacket, too. These prints would bring just the perfect splash of color into a living room or kitchen.

Unless Someone Like You


I’ve had my eye on etsy seller, Unless Someone Like You for about a year now. She creates these really neat, unique wedding posters (in lieu of a wedding invitation) as well as these custom pop-artesque drawings from photos you send to her. Send her a picture of your pet, your loved ones, or your child and you will have a one of a kind item to hang on your wall that is sure to be a conversation starter.

So get to curating, everyone!


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